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01 September - 05 September: The 57th IAVS Symposium
Perth, Australia

IAVS Symposium

- Venue: University Club of the University of Western Australia
- Website:
- Excursions: Still being planned - see the IAVS 2014 website for updates.

For financial support to attend the symposium, please see the financial support page.

Contact: W/Prof. Ladislav Mucina (Chair of the LOC), The University of Western Australia, Perth, AU; email:


08 January - 12 January: International Biogeography Society 2015
Bayreuth, Germany

7th Biennial Conference

 Four half-day invited symposia.

Dedicated poster sessions provide the focus for early evening discussions and socializing.

Twelve half-day concurrent sessions of contributed papers (open invitation).

Plenary addresses by recipients of the Wallace Award and MacArthur & Wilson Award.


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